Bank Proof of Funds

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We offer bank proof of funds program to empower entrepreneurs and managers to successfully develop, expand and streamline new units or projects for the betterment of the firm, employees and community. Our bank proof of funds service irrevocably confirms finds availability for the purchase of Bank Debenture Instruments (Such as BG's, MTN's) by S.W.I.F.T or key tested telex from major world money center bank.

Our proof of funds lease program includes:
  • A funding commitment in an amount of US $10 Million to US $500 Million (Larger amounts can be arranged upon agreement) issued by top North American or Western European money center bank;
  • A courier-delivered hard copy of the Funding Commitment, issued by S.W.I.F.T or key tested telex;
  • A validity period of 10-15-30 days; that can be extended to one year.
As benefits entrepreneurs receive:
  • A possibility to purchase and sell bank debenture instruments without large amounts of cash and at discounted price;
  • The funding commitment by S.W.I.F.T or key tested telex issued electronically by North American or Western European money center bank in a standard format that is accepted by all major money center banks worldwide.
How to proceed

In order to proceed, please contact our office to discuss the amount of fee deposit and arrangement of contract and escrow agreement.

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Recent Funds Available For Projects

  • Medical Hospital: USD 256 Million
  • Wind Energy: USD 1.6 Billion
  • Housing Project: USD 900 Million
  • Hotel: USD 67 Million
  • Cement Factory US: USD 227 Million
  • Oil Refinery: USD 2.7 Billion
  • Real Estate Shopping mall: USD 890 Million
  • New Airport Terminal EUR: EUR 990 Million
  • Glass Factory EUR: EUR 450 Million